About Two Goats

Two Goats was our brainchild after a comedy movie marathon until 1am (I can't confirm or deny if we had some tequila). In winter 2021, we were on a binge to find some hilarious but not too dirty t-shirts to wear so we could get a rise out of our friends. After a night of searching for high-quality t-shirts with memorable movie quotes, we came up empty-handed.

At Two Goats, our ambition (our mission) is to take over your wardrobe. Be the go-to when you need comfortable, borderline hilarious, head-turning, but sometimes dumb, funny clothes (you know... shirts, sweatshirts, and gear).

Our goal is not to sell more ... but to help you prepare for those moments where you need to one-up the boys, show the girls whose boss and make strangers do a double-take before you get their number (sup?). Two Goats wants to figure out how to make you and your family and friends share a laugh, connect over a one-liner, but most importantly, have fun and laugh. 

Our purpose is to be the distraction. Support each other's well-being, interests, and passions. It just so happens we do it through funny and cool-ass shirts.

You laugh, you double-take, or your smile means we did our job.


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